Easy ROOT for your Lenovo Yoga Tablet (B6000 – 8″ and B8000 – 10″) with KitKat

HOWTO Root your 4.4.2 Lenovo Yoga ROM:


At first you have to know, whats behind all the followigng steps.Lenovo-Yoga-Tablet-1

It is not that easy to root this device with KitKat (at least at the moment).

  1. At first you have to install an app, which uses a hack and pushs a file in /system.
  2. next you start the installed app (which is in /system now) and with this app (Kinguser) you’ll have Root rights
  3. most users dont believe in chinese root apps. So you have to install an another Rootapp, the best is SuperSU (link ist below)
  4. After you allow SuperSU the root rights, you can just uninstall the other two apps and enjoy the happiness of beeing rooted


Now let’s beginn:

1. Just download and install this file: Root_genious_General.apk

2. It will install a small tool, which can root your tablet. And it installs “Kinguser. It will ask you, to update your ROOT(1.0.23) to ROOT (1.1.33). It will be in chinese, just chose the right button and allow to update this tool.

3. A circle will appear with “ROOT” in it. “Push” the button and magic will happen (a progress bar) An yellow window will appear, in chinese, but you’ll see, if it was a success then you’ll see Kinguser installed on your device. (if it don’t works for the first time, just try it again)

4. After that you need to reboot your device and download and install “SuperSU” from PlayStore.

5. Install SuperSU and then Kinguser will aks you, if you will allow SuperSU root rights. Chose “Yes” and now you have the rootrights. IF IT DOESN’T you have to reboot your device several times (don’t know why, I needed several reboots and then it worked)

NOTE: I don’t really know why, but it seems, like Kinguser do not recognize, that it has root permissions at the first time. I had to turn off the permission in Kinguser options, restart and give Kinguser the root permissions again, than restart again. Just play a little arround with whis option of Kinguser. Somehow it will work than. I had to do the game twice, and it worked both times. But really don’t know why.

6. After that you need to update your binaries in SuperSU and reboot your device.

7. Then you can uninstall both chinese APPs (Kanguser can just be uninstalled with Titanium Backup) and you are rooted then